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jargons simplified

Software as Service this simply means software is consumed as a service, here you don't own and purchase the software, but use it as per your need by paying a small subscription fee. Data is stored on your server or service provider server.

Generally one pays a subscription free per user per month.

One has the benefit of scale up or down with their business retirement.

Cloud Computing
Application is available on the internet (cloud is referred as internet) , where you connect internet and consume the service. One can use standard browser or local application to connect and consume the service.

In case of Gmail you use browser to check your mails , where in for GTalk you need to install gtalk application on your pc to consume this service. Both are the example of cloud computing were you would need internet to access these application.

One can subscribe to the Software with out buying one and pay a small Subscription fee (Same as SaaS).

Subscription Fee : Monthly per user per month fee charged for using software.

Expiry date : Validity of Subscription service, one would not be able to access the application post expiry date.

Version is the current release of any product, in the following example 2010 & 2011 indicates year of release and R1.0 and R2.0 indicates Release number. Check your version number to ensure you are using the latest version of the software product.

Example (Product Name) (Edition) (Version)
EQMS Enterprise Edition 2010 R.1.0
EQMS Enterprise Edition 2010 R.2.0
EQMS Enterprise Edition 2011 R.1.0


Editions are set of various features, where once can choose from Various editions to suite your business needs, each edition comes with a set of features hence giving you a wider choice to choose. You can start from lower edition and upgrade to higher edition by paying an upgrade fee.

One can download the application without hassle of registration for trial use; all our software products are available for free trial use. Where one can try to check if it suites their business needs.

Trial has few entries data lock, after which you can buy the software or if you wish to extend the trial period you can register for Trail.

Register Trial
One can register for free trial period, where he/she is entitled for free support .

Online Support
Support is given from a remote pc, where our support executive would assist you online by accessing your PC via tools like TeamViewer or showMyPC.

Onsite Support
Support would be provided on your office premises, please note this service is on chargeable basis.

Version Upgrade
If you are not using the current version of the application and wish to use the latest one you can go for version upgrade. Contact Sales@spinso.com for more details

Example of version: 2014 R1.0 & 2013 R2.0

Edition Upgrade
If you wish to upgrade your product for more features you can do so by upgrading your software to next edition. Upgradation is a chargeable service.

Example of edition: My, Basic, Standard, Professional, Premium, Enterprise.

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