are you still using Excel to manage Complaints & AMC details?

Most of the air conditioner dealers still use excel to manage customer complaints & AMC. Yes, Excel is a good tool to start with but over period in time it becomes very difficult to get the right reports for making business decisions.

limitations of managing airconditioning business in excel.

limitation using excel file

  • Multi user access to data
  • Centralize storage of data for easy access
  • Access control (users rights for each module or data)
  • Collating data from multiple excel file to generate report
  • Easy Backup of data
  • Auto generation of Complaint Number
  • Managing Warranty & AMC contract with multiple products
  • Managing Renewal and tracking History
  • Auto generation of PMS (Preventative Maintains Service) as per contract period
  • Registering Complaints for Warranty or AMC customers (auto populate data)
  • Auto Sending SMS, Email or WhatsApp notification to Service Executive or customer
  • Managing and tracking Quotations
  • Report generation
  • Does not support volume data
  • Support and hand holding

It seems now you are stuck with excel for ever, don’t worry there is a way out.

With Organizer you can not only manage your complete service business but also grow it.

Organizer a service CRM is a software product specially designed for HVAC Industry to manage service. This software is useful for maintaining Customer Complaints, Warranty, AMC, PMS (preventative maintenance service), Quotation and more. This software has set industry standards in Air condition industry with 300+ installations.


complaint management

manage complaints for customers in service contract as well as one time customers.

contract management

manage different types of service contract amc, warranty, labour or any support contract.

complaint assignment

assign/re-assign complaints to service exceutive

contract renewal

manage contract renewal along with its history

complaint status

track complaints solved or pending

PMS (preventative maintenance service)

generate 3 service for warranty and 4 service for AMC contract.


generate quotation for new AMC, contract renewals, services or one time call.

smart reports

the smart reporting utility enables you to sort, group, filter & aggregate data. The data can also be exported to excel.

excel upload

upload your existing customer, product from excel for quick start.

sms notification

send sms notification to customer & service engineer.

email notification

send email notification to customer & service engineer.

MIS & dashboard

a graphical view of data for quick analysis & faster decision.

easy backup

safe guard your data with easy backup.

scalable solutions

upgrade to higher edition with more features as your business grows

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