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are you still using excel to manage your timesheet?

It's time to get rid of traditional approach and switch to super easy...TimeTracker timesheet management software to manage your project timesheets.

Managing data in spreadsheets has its own limitations such as lack of centralized management and lesser control over data as it is scattered across different folders, workstations, branches, or even geographical locations. It is difficult to collaborate, generate reports, analytics etc since the information is managed individually by stakeholders or project managers.

With TimeTracker you can centrally and systematically manage timesheet data. It has a simple intuitive & interesting timescale interface that enables you to quickly enter timesheet in few seconds, You can track time spent on various projects and task, track employee leave & project expenses. It has all the essential features to efficiently manage & track project time and improve productivity.

easily manage timesheet, leave & expenses

Timesheet Management
Generally, professionals work on multiple projects and activities. They charge client on time and material basis or on fixed cost, in both cases it is important to track actual time spent versus estimated. Timesheet in TimeTracker enables you to capture time spent on various activities & projects. Automate timesheet submission & approval process. It has simple, user-friendly interface that allows you to record time, quickly and easily.
Timesheet management helps you to track project cost and improve efficiency and productivity.
Leave Management
Leave management is made simpler in TimeTracker you need not maintain any leave cards or request leave via mail. With TimeTracker leave management is made systematic and simplified by capturing leave details right from request to approval. You can know the status of leave request at any point of time whether it is approved/rejected by your reporting manager or it is still pending for approval. Even managers can manage the task better as they are aware of the planned leaves of their employees. Thus, TimeTracker gives you the advantage of maintaining everything under one roof such as employee time-in/time-out, leave management and expense details.
Tracking employee leaves along with the timesheet enables you to efficiently plan project activities.
Expense Management
We still follow the traditional approach of manually creating and maintaining the expense vouchers and then sending it for approval. This involves lot of paperwork, difficulty in tracking and even the approval process gets delayed if the approver is out of office. With TimeTracker the entire process is automated right from creating voucher and submitting it to approval process. It also enables you track expense submission status at any point of time.
Tracking expense details lets you analyze project overheads & further aid in accurate project costing.


timesheet management

simple timescale interface that lets you quickly enter & track time spent on every task & project for accurate customer billing

timesheet approvals

authorization process where reporting managers can approve or reject timesheet submitted by users

project costing

track actual vs estimated time& cost of the project & avoid cost over runs well in advance

expense management

simple workflow to manage project related expenses from submission to authorization

leave management

track employee absence or leaves with leave management workflow that enables you to track the leave request and approvals for planning work & resources well in advance

smart reports

the smart reporting utility enables you to sort, group, filter & aggregate data. The data can also be exported to excel

monthly summary

get complete overview of time spent for any given month

holiday list

maintain list of public holidays for accurate TimeTracking

project manager view

project manager can get a complete overview of team's daily timesheet, monthly reports, project summary etc


a graphical view of data for quick analysis & faster decision

easy backup

safe guard your data with easy backup.

scalable solutions

upgrade to higher edition with more features as your business grows

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Managing timesheet in excel has its own limitation.

  • Have to manage multiple copies of excel
  • Its tedious to collate data at Employee & Organization level
  • Duplication of master data
  • Data is less secured
  • Lacks access control
  • Restricts concurrent user access

Today in the era of automation businesses are still wedged with legacy systems such as spreadsheets, excels, documents etc to manage timesheet.

Managing timesheets in excel or spreadsheet is a time-consuming activity, It involves lot of administrative task such as consolidating the timesheet data of each employee or project, generating project MIS/reports for analysis as the timesheet data is maintained in separate files, all this involves lot of time and effort.
Definitely automating business process is not very easy; it involves cost, time and effort. Hence TimeTracker software has been designed considering todays business needs.

TimeTracker offers various benefits over excel timesheets. TimeTracker is cost effective, easy to deploy. Its intuitive interface makes it user friendly that requires minimal training.

TimeTracker timesheet software not only helps you overcome all the above issues but also provide you some interesting features to systematically manage and simplify your day-to-day service activities.

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Timesheet software for all business size be it individual, start up, SME or corporate.

Our offering starts from single user to unlimited users.

Supports On-Premise, Online or private cloud.


frequently asked questions

Is TimeTracker desktop app or web app?
TimeTracker is a desktop app that can be installed on Windows-based devices . However, it also supports online mode where data is stored on Spinso cloud server and you just need internet to access it from any device.
What are different editions of TimeTracker?
There are 6 editions of TimeTracker including free editions. The editions are named as Lite, Basic, Standard, Professional, Premium and Enterprise. Each edition is bundled as per features. TimeTracker : Compare Editions
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Lite Edition

A free standalone timesheet for light usage

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Basic Edition

Manager basic timesheet

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Standard Edition

Manage team timesheet

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Professional Edition

Power packed features with advance analytics

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Premium Edition

Power packed features with advance analytics

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Enterprise Edition

Complete enterprise timesheet software

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Custom Edition

Customize as per your requirement

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