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Steps to try SalesTracker Basic Edition

SalesTracker is a windows-based application which has a setup file of 10MB.

You can download file from the below link.

To download the trial for basic edition, click on download now button


Run Setup.exe to install the application, you will get a wizard screen, follow the instruction to install SalesTracker

You can also download the installation help file by clicking on help button, for step-by-step instructions on downloading & installing SalesTracker trial version.

installation guide (pdf) video

Operating system supported Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 & Windows Server

Getting Started

Once you install the application, SalesTracker shortcut is created on the desktop. You can double click the icon to open it.

You can also download getting started help file by clicking on getting started button, for step-by-step instructions on creating master, creating leads, entering follow-ups , closing the leads & to generate reports.

getting started (pdf) help video

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Multi-PC Installation

You can also install SalesTracker basic edition on multiple PCs or laptops connected via LAN.

Any PC or laptop can be identified as a Server machine to store data centrally and all other PC's / Laptops can connect to the server PC for accessing data.

To try SalesTracker on LAN contact us

Online Demo

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Trial Support

For free support during trial period contact us at or call us at +91.99 201 401 00