What is Sales CRM?

A sales CRM is a software that enables you to manage & track all the interactions done with potential customers at every stage of product sale, right from receiving a lead, following up with customers to closing a deal.

Why do you need Sales CRM software?

Track in detail the nitty-gritties of sales management, which is essential to grow your business.

Get complete overview of sales readily available in just click of a button.

Get accurate sales figures.

Never miss follow-ups.

Understand your strong and weak areas.

Know the reason for winning or losing a deal.

Get the insight of the leads and know which leads are likely to be won.

Forecast Sales.

Measure team performance.

Track Sales Pipeline.

Analytical reports are easily available.

Centralized data storage.

Core Features you need in a Sales CRM software

Lead Management

Manage lead information like contact details, products enquired, region, source of lead, customer type etc.

Lead Assignment

Assign leads to sales executive.

Manage Follow-ups

Manage every interaction done with the prospects, get timely reminders.

Track Closures

Track the status of lead i.e won, lost or cancelled.

Quotation Management

Create quotes for customers from the system.

Re-open Closed Leads

Re-open leads that were lost / closed.


Send offer Emails and SMS.

Reporting & Analytics

Reports that give complete overview of sales data and analytical reports like dashboard.

Still Managing sales data in Excel?

Many organizations struggle to track lead information since it is managed in decentralized way such as spreadsheets, paper or documents hence lot of time and effort is wasted in collating the lead details, follow-ups which are not readily available.

It is difficult to manage leads/enquiry in excel sheet due to following reasons,

  1. Need to manage multiple copies of excel.
  2. Tedious to collate data at Team or organization level.
  3. Duplication of master data.
  4. Data is less secured.
  5. Lacks access control.
  6. Restricts concurrent user access.

Thus, a sales CRM enables you to manage the lead data more efficiently and improve productivity.

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